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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tumis Buncis

Indonesian Version

Bahan :

  • buncis 100 gr
  • tomat 50 gr
  • wortel 100 grsantan 100 gr
  • udang basah 100 gr

Bumbu :

  • cabe merah 3 buah ( diiris serong )
  • bawang merah 3 siung (diiris tipis)
  • bawang putih 1 siung ( diiris tipis )
  • daun salam 1 lembar
  • sereh 1 batang
  • jahe 1 ruas jari ( diiris tipis )
  • laos 1 ruas jari ( dimemarkan )
  • garam secukupnya

Cara Membuat :

  1. buncis dibersihkan lalu diiris serong
  2. wortel dikupas, dicuci potong seperti anak korek api
  3. tumis bawang sampai harum, masukkan semua bumbu + udang basah
  4. masukkan wortel, masak hingga layu
  5. masukkan buncis, kemudian masukkan santan masak hingga matang
  6. terakhir masukkan tomat iris, garam cicipi rasanya
  7. hidangkan dalam piring lonjong

English Version

Tumis Buncis is ones of vegetables food, this food is very taste full, all people in Indonesia never miss it. try

provide following substances :

100 gr bean
1 pcs tomatoes
100 cc coconut milk
100 gr carrot
100 gr shrimp

Favor :

3 pcs chilli (sliced oblique)
3 pcs onion (sliced thin)
1 pcs garlic (sliced thin)
1 pcs bay
1 pcs lemon grass
1 finger segment ginger (sliced thin)
1 finger segment turmeric (punch it)
salt as enough

Ways of making :

  • bean washed then sliced oblique
  • carrots peeled, cut it in to pieces like little rectangular
  • friy onion until fragrant, enter all the flavor + shrimp
  • enter carrots, cooked until faded
  • enter the bean, and then enter the coconut milk, wait until cooked and
  • enter the last tomato slices, salt taste it
  • served in the oval plate/bowl

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