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Monday, June 1, 2009


Indonesian version

Bahan :

Kacang panjang 1 ikat
Nangka muda 100 gr
Labu siam (jipang) 100 gr
Jagung muda 1 buah
Kacang tanah 50 gr
Daun dan buah melinjo 100 gr
Cabai hijau 2 buah
Air kaldu daging

Bumbu :
Bawang merah 2 siung
Bawang putih 2 siung
Cabai merah 2 siung
Kemiri 1 sdt
Terasi bakar 1 jari
Daun salam 1 sdm
Laos 2 sdm
Air asam jawa / potong 1 sdm

Cara membuat :

  • Semua sayuran di pilih, dibersihkan, cuci dan dipotong-potong
  • Haluskan bumbu kecuali daun salam dan laos
  • Masukkan jagung, buah melinjo, nangka muda, kacang tanah,
  • Rebus sampai ½ matang, beri bumbu masukkan sayuran yang lain dan rebus sampai masak
  • Beri air asam, angkat lalu hidangkan

English Version

Sayur Asam Jakarta, most jakarta people like it, make you fresh when you eat it they say.

try to provide the following substance

1 bunch yard long beans
100 g young jackfruit
Chayote (jipang) 100 gr
Baby corn 1 fruit
50 g peanut
Leaves and fruit melinjo 100 gr
2 pcs green chilli fruit
Beef bouillon

Favor/Ingredients :

2 pcs Red onion
2 pcs garlic
2 pcs Red chili
1 teaspoon candlenut
Grilled shrimp 1 finger
Bay leaves 1 tbsp
Laos 2 tablespoons
Javanese tamarind juice 1 tbsp

Ways of Making :

  • All the vegetables in selected, cleaned, rinsed and cut into pieces
  • Blend the spices except the bay leaves and laos
  • Enter corn, fruit melinjo, young jackfruit, peanut,
  • Boil until half cooked, put all spices/favor, enter other vegetables and simmer until cooked
  • Give acidic or javanese tamarind water, remove and serve

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